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Mezinárodní hudební festival Český Krumlov, ČESKO-SLOVENSKÝ VEČER – oslava stých „narozenin“ našeho státu – Vojenská hudba Olomouc, Čechomor s hostující zpěvačkou Martinou Partlovou a Lúčnica (Slovensko), Dechová hudba Vlado Kumpana, 11.8.2018 foto: Libor Sváček;

The 27th year culminated on Saturday with a celebration of the coming 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Czechoslovak Republic 11th August. The celebration was inaugurated by representatives of the Moravian region, Military Music Olomouc, in the square Náměstí Svornosti. After that, the visitors, accompanied by the sounds of music, walked to the Brewery Garden, where the legendary folk ensemble Lúčnica performed on behalf of the Slovak side and the band Čechomor on behalf of the Czech side. The frontman of Čechomor František Černý told us, “Today’s concert as part of the IMF Český Krumlov was actually a small celebration of our thirty common years which we are celebrating as a band this year. The band has become younger, the new boys also brought new energy so we are really happy about the new connection. We played songs from our new album Nadechnutí with Martina Partlová and Kumpan’s musicians. It was an honour for us to play here at the festival. This is the fifth time we have come here and we are always happy to come back. Among other festivals we consider the one in Český Krumlov to be a fabulous and prestigious event.”

Film director Petr Zelenka also visited the festival. “After twenty years I had the opportunity to see Lúčnica again and it was great. I know the Čechomor band very well, I made my film Year of the Devil with them. Today they played songs from their new album which I have listened to many times and today I could finally enjoy it live. The brass section performed by Vlado Kumpan Brass Music by which the sound of the band was extended this time was amazing. It is a different type of brass music.” The three-week musical showcase presented a number of world-famous artists. The artistic performances and the reception of the audience was proof of the social importance of the festival and its international reputation. The 27th year welcomed almost 21 thousand visitors, including the open-air cinema and the promenade concert, and festival concert occupancy was over 90 %.  

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