Euroradio Folk Festival in Český Krumlov

This year of the festival will be unique thanks to the extent of cooperation with the Czech Radio, which will bring folk music with modern energy, the Euroradio Folk Festival, to Český Krumlov during the International Music Festival. It is the biggest travelling feast of folk music, at which around a hundred musicians from twenty countries will appear and will offer music based on folk roots interlaced with contemporary energy and technological procedures which promote age-old musical instruments and vocal techniques to contemporary popular music. The Euroradio Folk Festival is held under the patronage of the European Broadcasting Union and every year it is organized by a different European radio station in its country.

You may find detailed information about the interpreters and the program of the Euroradio Folk Festival, which will take place as part of the IMF Český Krumlov from Wednesday 19th July until Saturday 22nd July, here:

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