Outstanding Spanish pianist Javier Perianes in Český Krumlov

Mezinárodní hudební festival Český Krumlov – Javier Perianes – klavír, Manuel Hernández-Silva – dirigent, Filharmonie Bohuslava Martinů v Jízdárně, foto: Libor Sváček; box@fotosvacek.cz

Outstanding Spanish pianist Javier Perianes, whose concert was dedicated to the IMF Český Krumlov Friends Club, performed at the Castle Riding Hall on 3rd August. Accompanied by the Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonic Orchestra and under the baton of his compatriot Manuel Hernández-Silva, he played Edvard H. Grieg’s famous Piano Concerto in A minor. Perianes visited the IMF as well as the town of Český Krumlov for the first time and he was delighted by the atmosphere of the festival. “I have never been to Český Krumlov before but I heard from Manuel, with whom I cooperate very often, what a beautiful town it was, however, I didn’t expect it would be so fabulous,” Perianes did not hide his surprise. “I have played with a number of important conductors and Manuel is certainly one of them. They are great conductors-artists but not all of them are able to accompany a soloist in the right way. You know, accompanying is a discipline in itself. A conductor must be very empathic, he must sideline his ego. When he conducts an orchestra with a solo instrumentalist, he shouldn’t let the ensemble drown the soloist. On the contrary, he should be able to let the soloist stand out in the correct places. And I must say that Manuel knows how to do that. When I play with him, I feel secure,” Perianes appreciated Silva’s conducting qualities. “We are both Spanish but the fact that you speak the same language as somebody else doesn’t mean that it will automatically be easy to cooperate with him. It is not about the language but about certain chemistry between you. You either get on, listen, understand, or not. And speaking the same language doesn’t help. It is common musical language which is important,” said the pianist.


Mezinárodní hudební festival Český Krumlov – Javier Perianes – klavír, Manuel Hernández-Silva – dirigent, Filharmonie Bohuslava Martinů v Jízdárně, foto: Libor Sváček; box@fotosvacek.cz

The program of the concert was concluded by two of the most significant works written by Leoš Janáček, Taras Bulba and the Sinfonietta. “This is the fourth time I have come to the festival,” said Hernández-Silva and continued, “but this performance was very special for me thanks to the program. I not only performed with an outstanding pianist, Javier Perianes, but in the second half of the concert I had the opportunity to conduct Janáček’s works. It was a great responsibility for me to play Janáček in front of a Czech audience, which knows him well. Before I met the program advisor of your festival, Luboš Herza, I conducted only Dvořák from the Czech composers. It was only thanks to him that I learned to love also other Czech authors – Bohuslav Martinů, Leoš Janáček. For me Janáček is a combination of impressionist music in expressionist expression. And that’s what is very unique about him.” After the concert a meeting for the members of the IMF ČK Friends Club with the protagonists of the evening in the foyer of the Castle Riding Hall followed. The viewers asked about how Janáček was perceived in the country of both the present artists. “In Spain we like Janáček a lot. I think it’s also because of the fact that his compositions are full of significant rhythms which is close to the heart of the Spanish. I look forward to opening the next season with the orchestra in Malaga, of which I am the chief conductor, with both of Janáček’s compositions, the Sinfonietta and Taras Bulba. And they will play Janáček for the first time in 25 years,” added Silva. And what about Javier Perianes, does he have Janáček in his repertoire? “I haven’t played anything written by him until now, but I have a fan in Spain who is Czech and recently she gave me a publication of Janáček’s piano compositions. I have already looked at it and when I have the time I will be more than happy to have a go at them. I wonder how it will go!” So are we and perhaps Javier Perianes will return to the IMF one day in the future with Janáček.                  

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