The performance of the temperamental Janoska Ensemble heated up the Masquerade Hall at the castle

MHF Český Krumlov 2017, Marcela Cerno /soprán/, Daniel Serafin /baryton/ a
Janoska Ensemble
v Maškarním sále 3.8.2017. Foto: Libor Sváček,

The Janoska Ensemble presented its original style with soprano Marcela Cerno and baritone Daniel Serafin. The similar looks of the members of the Janoska Ensemble are not a coincidence. They are three brothers and their brother-in-law, who, as the brothers Frantisek, Ondrej and Roman Janoska like to say, he had to marry into their family to be allowed to play with them. “We really looked forward to coming to Český Krumlov. This concert is very important for us as it is an outstanding festival and it is also a Czech premiere for us in this line-up.” Their performances are reportedly up to 30 percent improvisation. “We play our own ‘Janoska style’. It was our vision to create something new, to approach classical music compositions in our own way. Our repertoire is based on classical music but because we were lead to improvisation from our childhood, these popular and well-known compositions are affected by it. Our main inspiration is the audience,” explained the natural leader of the ensemble Frantisek Janoska and his brother Ondrej added, “what the concert will look like also depends on what we had for dinner. And tonight we had a great dinner in Český Krumlov!” Baritone Daniel Serafin said the following about the Janoska Ensemble, “I have known the ‘Janoskas’ for about twenty years. Our parents were friends. I love their style thanks to which they are able to deal with well-known composition elegantly and interpret them in their own way.” Marcela Cerno added, “They really are world-class musicians.” The compositions which they selected for their performance at the IMF are from their last CD, which was released by the prestigious music company Deutsche Grammophon. In their own interpretation they performed, for example, a variation on Capriccio No. 24 written by violin genius Nicola Paganini titled Paganinoska, a variation dedicated to Mozart and at the same time to the son of Frantisek Janoska, who has the same name as the composer, Rumba for Amadeus, Massenet’s Meditation from the opera Thaïs, the overture to Strauss’s famous operetta Die Fledermaus or a fantasy on world-famous Bizet’s Carmen. Both soloists also sang famous melodies from the operettas The Hungarian Wedding, Giuditta and Venus in Seide. “The concert is over and rather than being exhausted we are full of energy! We could stay here for another month and play every night. The audience reacted to everything, from improvisation to my talking and jokes,” by means of which Frantisek presented the different compositions at the piano. As an encore both soloists interpreted the duet Lippen schweigen from Lehár’s The Merry Widow and at the very end the Janoskas performed Monti’s Czardas, into which they “smuggled”, for example, Smetana’s Vltava, the Ode to Joy from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony as well as the song ” Kdepak ty ptáčku hnízdo máš?” by Karel Gott. “We got all these ideas directly on the stage so it was absolutely spontaneous,” added František Janoska. Their performance heated up the Masquerade Hall, which was already hot thanks to the all-day heat.   

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