General Terms and Conditions


Ticket are sold in the order in which orders are placed until auditorium capacity is filled.

Unsold tickets will be available at the concert location an hour before the start of the show.

Purchased tickets cannot be returned or exchanged. No compensation will be provided for lost tickets.

The customer is only entitled to a refund of the entrance fee if the organiser cancels the event. Claims for entrance fee refunds must be made at the place the tickets were purchased within a month of the date of the event. Postage and packing will not be refunded.

If a concert starts and is cancelled early after 15 minutes due to bad weather or due to an Act of God, the ticketholder will no longer be entitled to a refund of the entrance fee.

If the weather is bad, the organiser reserves the right to delay the start of the performance by up to 120 minutes.

The ticket is only valid for the stipulated day, time and venue and is only valid with the counterfoil.

The ticket entitles the holder to enter the event once. It loses its validity once the ticketholder leaves the venue.

Please check the details on your ticket. Subsequent claims will not be considered.

Forging tickets is a criminal offence.


Holders of ZTP cards – 30% discount on presentation of the respective document and holders of ZTP/P cardS – 30% discount on presentation of the respective document (and accompanying person free of charge)

Entrance fees for children – entrance for children up to the age of 6 is free of charge (with no entitlement to a seat), children aged 6 to 15 are entitled to a discount of 50% on all performances.

Individual discounts cannot be combined.


ZTP = People with a physical disability

ZTP/P = People with a physical disability accompanied by a helper

Entrance to festival events

Festivalgoers attending a performance or concert must respect the instructions of the organisers.

Tape recorders, film cameras, cameras and video cameras must not be taken into premises on which festival concerts are held. Making audio, film, photographic and video recordings is strictly forbidden, even for personal use.

Pets must not be led or taken into the auditorium.

Festivalgoers who are inappropriately dressed or evidently under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed into festival concerts.

Use of mobile telephones and smoking is forbidden during performances.

Festivalgoers must take their places in the auditorium 10 minutes before the start of the concert or performance unless specified otherwise on the ticket. Entrance to the auditorium once a concert has started will not be allowed until the official interval.

If a child attending a concert disturbs the course of the event, the legal guardian or accompanying adult will be obliged, after having been cautioned by the organiser, to immediately leave the concert venue with this child.

Performances and concerts held outside in the open air may be affected by the weather. For this reason, we recommend that festivalgoers attending such events consider this and choose appropriate clothing.

Entrance to concerts which are held in the interior of the chateau in high heels is forbidden.

Festivalgoers must not move chairs in the auditorium or remove blankets or raincoats. Festivalgoers must accept reservations made by the organiser.

There is a ban on carrying and using weapons (including knives and scissors), dangerous and defensive objects, glass vessels, flammable substances, drugs and narcotics, syringes, objects which pose a threat to security, pyrotechnics, open fire, laser pointers etc.

There is a ban on lighting fires, handling pyrotechnics including releasing sky lanterns.

When entering the premises visitors are obliged to undergo a security check upon request of the workers of the security agency or the event stewards. In case of a refusal to undergo such a check, the visitor will not be allowed to enter the premises of the event.

The event stewards and the security agency are present in order to protect the visitors and ensure safety in the venue of the concert or festival event.

Authorities and obligations of the event stewards and the security agency: checking tickets when entering the venue of the concert or festival event and at any time during the stay in the venue including random checks; personal check when entering the premises (ban on carrying dangerous and banned objects); leading a person out of the venue of the concert or festival event (a person without a valid ticket, aggressive person, person threatening security, unauthorized salesperson and salesperson breaching contract conditions on sales, dealers of any narcotics); stopping visitors from entering spaces in which the public is not allowed to enter, protection of the property of the organizer.

By purchasing tickets, the festivalgoer confirms his or her consent to the organisation conditions specified above.

General provisions

Festivalgoers give their consent to photographs, films or video recordings which are made of them during the course of events or in relation to them being commercially exploited using any current or future technical methods, this being without any monetary compensation and time or territorial restrictions.

The festival organiser reserves the right to change the line-up of a concert or performance or its location.

If the weather is bad for concerts held outside, the organiser will not offer an alternative venue for these productions.


Dear festivalgoers,

We are certain that you will accept these organisation conditions with understanding and that by respecting them, you will help the uninterrupted course of festival performances. Thank you.

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