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Music Festival
Český Krumlov

We are preparing 30th year of the Festival,
16. 7. - 7. 8. 2021




The tradition of the international music festival in Český Krumlov goes back to 1992; the festival belongs to the most important cultural events in the Czech Republic and has become a permanent element of the European cultural calendar. This representative summer showcase of the world music scene offers music ranging from the 15th till the 21st century.

“You can visit the festival every year in July and August.”

In terms of genre it focuses on classical music, opera, musical, jazz, world music etc. We present renowned Czech and foreign artists in unique interiors and exteriors of the State Castle and Chateau Český Krumlov and also in other venues of a town with unique genius loci, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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Co o nás říkají?

Kooperativa has stood by the festival from the very beginning. Whenever I come to Český Krumlov for the festival, I manage to forget about all the worries and problems and I only enjoy the beauty of music and the historical backdrop of the town.

It is hard to imagine summer without beautiful music in Český Krumlov. The International Music Festival Český Krumlov once again brings several opportunities to listen to wonderful tunes. Besides that, unique festival experiences will be enriched by the genius loci of this historical town. I always keep my fingers crossed for the festival in order for all the concerts under the open skies to have favourable weather. When the evening star rises above Český Krumlov and its light enhances the atmosphere of the /musical/ sky, the concert becomes an unforgettable experience. I wish the festival many heavenly beautiful musical moments in Český Krumlov and visitors enchanted by music!

It is an honour and a pleasure that Český Krumlov will become the host of the International Music Festival, which has become a perennial star of the South Bohemian summer cultural sky, also this year. I am convinced that also this year of the festival will bring fireworks of world-renowned musical stars and remarkable experiences for listeners.

I hope that the festival will bring a little bit of calm in these difficult times to all of us who immerse ourselves in the world of music.

The festival attracts us with its program selection, which includes classical music interpreted by outstanding artists as well as ensembles like Hradišťan and Irish Dew, where players famous for their virtuosity play. It is an honour for us to appear together with them in the same program.

Some people like to rest, enjoy the warm weather and the sun during the summer months. I, on the other hand, enjoy performing because I am full of energy which is missing during cold and dark winters. I played at the festival in Český Krumlov at its beginning and it was an honour. That is why I like to come back here whenever I get an invitation and I always try to offer an evening conceived in a different way.

As a child I sang Orff’s composition Carmina Burana and then I kept singing it to myself all the time and conducting it. I grew up not far away from here, in Římov, and we often went for trips to Český Krumlov. I also passed through the town later when we went canoeing. I like the genius loci of Český Krumlov and the amazing mustiness of old times by which the town is infused.

I really like the festival in Český Krumlov, we come here every year with my wife even when I don’t have a concert there. With a few exceptions we haven’t missed a single official opening for the duration of the festival. It is a magical town unparalleled in its category. It is singular and unique.

Český Krumlov is a beautiful town, the festival is great, it has an amazing audience and good organizers. If they invite me again, I will be happy to come back.

I would like to play like this every day, I always enjoy it. The audience deserves respect and therefore every time I go on stage, I try to give a hundred percent of myself to the viewers. I hold all those who have been organizing this festival for twenty years already in high regard, they make an effort to keep the music alive and bring this beautiful art to the people. I really must acknowledge them.

It was absolute joy to share the beautiful music with you. I am really happy and grateful that I got the opportunity to perform in this wonderful town, at this festival and in the Czech Republic. I believe that it should be an honour for the town and for the state that such a festival exists and its support should be a natural thing. I would like to wish all the best to the festival and I believe it will live to be at least a hundred years old.

As far as Český Krumlov is concerned, the energy here is really beautiful. The people who come here are people who want to enjoy the concert and not judge whether they liked it or not. They simply want to spend a nice time here. You see people in the audience enjoying music and nobody leaves. If a similar concert was held at a different festival in the same weather in countries further south, I don’t know if the audience would stay till the end. I remember, for example, a concert in Verona, one raindrop was enough for the performance to end and for everybody to leave. And here you see the opposite. Today it was not that terrible but yesterday my wife went to see A Night on Broadway and people listened to the music even during the rain. This shows that people simply want to enjoy beautiful moments together, they are incredibly loyal and passionate listeners and if you do the best for them so that they can take away a great experience they are prepared to suffer hardship with you. This is a really big thing which should be mentioned.

This festival has a great reputation, people know it and come to Český Krumlov because of the festival and at the same time this place is very interesting so also new people who come to a concert by chance show up here but in spite of that you feel that the audience here expects to experience something unusual and this creates a very pleasant atmosphere. As far as music is concerned I believe that it is not only about the sound itself but about a broader context including such factors as where you play, for whom you play and with whom you play because you can play with a fantastic band but nobody may feel like listening to it and that simply doesn’t work. But the environment here is superb, fantastic people, outstanding band and then we all really enjoy the concert. In Australia I don’t experience this that often…

The enthusiasm the people have for music is absolutely astonishing here. Under these conditions (heavy rain) the people in America would not even come. And here the enthusiasm for music is incredible, therefore we tried to give our best. I was asked some time ago why I wanted to come back here. Just look around you. Why wouldn’t you come back? It is so beautiful. Even the approach of the orchestra was remarkable as they had to play the entire concert under the rain. I am absolutely fascinated!

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